Capture better data from your cohort - reduce failure rates

Get data-driven oversight of the progress that the startups in your programme are making towards validation, and future success.

Whether you're a student enterprise programme, or a privately backed accelerator, our data-driven insights will help you make smarter decisions, and get better returns.

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Most of your startups will fail

42% of startup failures are attributed to “lack of customer demand”

CBInsights research

Five out of the top 10 reasons for startup failures were related to customers – not meeting customers’ needs, not listening to them or even ignoring them.


50% of founders say “validating their idea” is a barrier to reaching their 1st sale

Product Market Hit research

30% of failed startups wished they'd done more research


90% of businesses fail, and 75% of venture backed startups fail

Over 20% of startups fail in the first year

US Small Business Administration

We help you reduce that failure rate

We take the guesswork out of creating successful cohorts of new businesses

  • Better reporting

    Identify challenges for individual ventures, spot your winners, and compare progress over time or cohorts

  • Validate with less pain

    By helping with market and customer research, removing key blockers, and reinforcing learning through peer groups, startups get closer to product-market fit more quickly!

  • Better customer research

    Our system allows more efficient data capture from customer research, supporting the growth of problem-focused startups.

Stop guessing where to place limited resources

Product Market Hit gives you the insight you need to give tailored support to both your startups, and your cohort as a whole. 

We help you capture not just financial metrics, but also behavioural insights. This data will help you understand which startups need support, and in which areas.

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Run by founders and mentors who understand the pains

Here's just a small selection of some of the feedback we've received

I must admit it’s a new thing for me to meet someone who has the capability to go so deep into things from the first meeting.” – CEO of €1m revenue startup

CEO of €1m revenue startup

I honestly found the call inspiring and super helpful, both because you had a lot of knowledge to share...”

Entrepreneur, eco activist, TED speaker

Wow! I’m totally blown away by your insights and sincere willingness to share information and advice… I really wasn’t expecting to come away with so much insight”

First time entrepreneur

Implementing so much of your advice…. Also my revenue is already up 30% per sale”

Product Market hit Mentee

An outstanding session with some very worthwhile advice and pointers. Completely changed my perspective on a couple of points”

Entrepreneur, international social enterprise

Thank you again for your time this morning and for really offering sound and “real” help to get us moving forward.”

First time entrepreneur

Want better reporting, and more successful startups?

Join our pilot programme, and take advantage of reduced pricing, input on early versions, and free world-class mentoring for your startups

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